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Build your websites and apps with our
excellent outsource team

Our hand-crafted themes and apps work on any device and any screen size.
All of our themes are built to be scalable around the content of your website.

Let us convert your design into a fully
custom WordPress theme.

We take your Sketch/XD/Figma/PSD design and convert it to a custom WordPress theme. All your content is fully customizable with our clean and friendly WordPress admin section.

  • Our themes uses our state-of-the-art workflow called Catalyst, which minifies and optimizes CSS and JS packages for superior page loading times. Catalyst also automatically converts all your media assets into nextgen formats like webp and webm for pure performance.
  • Using Catalyst, we code the design from mobile first. Our code is well documented and readable using methodologies like BEM with clean semantic HTML. Using PostCSS, we ensure that your website stays future-proof for at least 4 to 6 years.
  • Our coders ensure that your website matches the design 1 to 1 to the pixel. In cases where we recognize improvements and quality enhancements, we work with your designers to ensure the best product outcome.
  • We have a dedicated QA team that focuses on ensuring that your website works in every major browser and is perfectly responsive on every screen big or small.
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Our Approach, Step by Step

Our process involves well-thought-out actions which are carried out in a specific order to achieve a particular result suited to each individual project. Our process helps our experienced and talented developers to code optimally and efficiently for any type of project. In essence, our standard approach is as follows:



Supply us with the design files. If you don’t have a design, we can help you get in touch with top web designers in the industry.

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Based on the design for your web project, we determine the amount of time for building out the project, as well as the cost.

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Based on the evaluation we will provide you with an accurate quotation to see the project through from start to finish.

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We start writing code to bring your vision and the design to life using a mobile-first approach, coding best practices, and the principles of SEO.

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Quality Control

We collaborate with you by extensively testing the website and adjusting our code to make sure the site is fully functional and responsive.

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Hand Over

Once the project is complete, we handover the site to you at the previously agreed-upon time.

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Introducing Catalyst

Our hand-crafted technology stack provides the best performance and scalability to our projects. It is always maintained and uses the latest tools and best practices in the industry.

Catalyst is built on top of a lean stack. We belive the less dependancies the better. We use PostCSS to ensure the stlying provide thebest performance and longevity. Using CSS Modules and a component based, we ensure all our products can scale to any size.

We use TypeScript with React, this helps us keep our code fully robust and future-proof. Our current tool for React projects is NEXT.js. It provides us with the most stable foundation for a project of any size.


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